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VCS : The crypto for a strong community

VCS is a new decentralized blockchain technology, a new voting system, and a new way of voting securely at low cost and without major organization. It applies to large companies, associations, schools and others that go through a traditional vote to elect a director or a new responsible person. This new technology will allow for transparency and speed in conducting the vote.

To achieve this, we have developed the system in three parts: VCS (Vote Crypto SocialMarket).

  1. An application called VCS, which allows users to vote for the person of their choice.
  2. A new useful and usable currency for voting and functioning the marketplace.
  3. The marketplace will be a city guide for cities with information and editorial content. There will be a social network and a virtual shopping center with all the shops. The voting reviews will be real because they will be voted on by customers via the token.

Given the current global situation, a major change is being prepared and VCS has put in place an important element for the future evolution.

Our decentralized voting application uses blockchain technology to provide a transparent, secure, and reliable voting platform for businesses, institutions, and decentralized social organizations. By using our exclusive crypto token, users can vote securely and transparently, while also being rewarded for their participation.

In addition to the voting platform, our application also includes a social Marketplace network that allows merchants and users to connect and transact using our zooz token. This token is also used to reward users for their participation and engagement on our platform.

Our application is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all, while offering cutting-edge technology to ensure the security and transparency of votes. We believe that our application will play a key role in promoting participatory democracy and transparency in decision-making processes. Join us now to be a part of this voting technology revolution!


A voting app for a more democratic workplace

Project Blockchain is a platform that aims to make group decision-making more efficient and transparent by providing tools to create groups, set governance rules, invite members, authenticate users, and organize polls, surveys, referendums, or elections. The app also allows members to delegate their voting power to representatives or experts and facilitates decentralized voting through independent and private wallets.

The app’s developers envision it being used by official organizations in the future and potentially providing white-label versions for this purpose. The concept of “liquid democracy” is also mentioned, which is a governance system that allows citizens to delegate their voting power to trusted representatives or experts on specific issues


The crypto for a united and prosperous community

The VCS token is the key element of our decentralized voting application. It allows users to access the voting platform and participate in ongoing elections. By using the VCS token, users can vote securely and transparently, as each vote is recorded on the blockchain.

Users can obtain VCS tokens by participating in elections, contributing to the development of the platform, or purchasing tokens on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The zooz tokens can also be used to purchase goods and services on our social Marketplace network, where merchants can accept the tokens as payment.

By using the zooz token, we encourage users to actively participate in elections and engage in the community, while also providing them with a financial incentive for their participation. This helps to enhance the transparency and participatory democracy of our platform.


Buy and sell locally with VCS

Our social Marketplace network is an ideal place for merchants and users to connect and transact. By using the VCS token as a means of payment, merchants can expand their potential customer base by offering an alternative payment option. Users, in turn, can use their zooz tokens to purchase goods and services on the platform.

By using the VCS token on our Marketplace, users can also benefit from exclusive discounts and rewards for their engagement on our platform. Merchants can also benefit from the transparency and security offered by blockchain by using the zooz token for transactions.

By using the VCS token on our Marketplace, we create an engaged and dynamic community that benefits from cutting-edge technology to enhance transactions and interactions. Join us now to be a part of it!


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