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Let’s unite with VCS for a thriving local economy

Our decentralised App is totally secured thanks to the Project Blockchain & VCS Token, decentralising data and transactions, making sure that no third party may interfere during any decision process or vote.

We’re all afraid of getting wrong results in an election or a poll. We all want our voice to be counted and equal to others. This is the reason why the voting systems were far behind by a few decades faced with technological evolutions. But thanks to the emergence of Blockchain technologies used first by Bitcoin, any data (financial or vote) transaction may be done peer to peer on the internet, without any third party, totally decentralised, secured and tangible.

The Coalichain Blockchain, thanks to its unique Proof of Influence Protocol as described in Coalichain Whitepaper, has added few levels of reliability, efficiency and transparency, giving the most influencing, reliable and trusted users the ability to write the voting and data transactions on the Project Blockchain . Using the VCS as a native Token, the Project Blockchain guarantees a total independence, self-sustainable and transparency of its Blockchain, nodes, platforms and ecosystem.


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